Mystery in Molden Heath

The Game Is Afoot!

Mystery in Molden Heath

Following a request from CONCORD yesterday, the Arataka Research Consortium and its associates set to work. ARC pilots headed for Molden Heath, in a co-ordinated fleet to investigate. Signal Cartel were notified and also sent pilots to join the search. A secondary announcement was made in the Eve-Scout public channel to see if any other explorers were available.

Molden Heath Statistics

Its a big job, Molden Heath comprises 38 systems, ranging from hisec down to to null. The search has currently proved fruitless but pilots are still active and checking systems for any possible leads. Further announcements are expected from Colonel Kasiha Valkanir. Arataka Research Consortium has made a couple of announcements, and is offering a 6b Isk reward for the succesful recovery of the ship and contents and their return to Colonel Kasiha Valkanir, or 3b Isk for information leading to that.

Colonel Kasiha Valkanir